Ayoub Gabtni

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Ayoub Gabtni

Contract Engineering Lead, EDVANCE

Since his graduation in 2017, Ayoub contributes to Hinkley Point C, one of the biggest nuclear energy project in the world and the latest generation technology of nuclear reactors. He takes part in the energy transition and in the carbon gas emissions’reduction in the United Kingdom. Moving from engineer position to Contract manager for the instrumentation scope gave him the opportunity to learn the most effective ways to manage I&C contracts and to define the plan to achieve critical milestones while taking into account potential design changes and implementing high quality standards. He learned how to prepare technical reports and presentations to assist the main international project stakeholders for decision making. Coordinating and interfaces management with multidisciplinary teams was a key-success during all project phases. Beyond his 5-years-professional experience, Ayoub has always been an energetic individual taking pride in his previous extracurricular activities. This aspect has earned him various positions such as international coordinator within the Student Energy Organization, several participations in the International Model of United Nations, communicator in several energy conferences and forums.

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