Fruzsina Csonka

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Fruzsina Csonka

Regional Business Development Manager, EIT InnoEnergy

Fruzsina is a business development manager, responsible for the coordination of commercial activities of EIT InnoEnergy in Central European markets with a focus on Hungary, Czechia, Turkey and Greece. As a strategic, forward-thinking manager, she is building B2B strategies in alignment with state-of-the-art technology providers, linking them with mature industries. In her role, she is also representing the European Battery Alliance (EBA250) and fostering international innovation projects in Central Europe. Over the last four years working in the sustainable energy industry as a young professional, she has been managing strategic stakeholders spanningthe private sector, utilities, and governmental bodies. Fruzsina is a Hungarian expat with five years of experience in Poland, who is always on the move. Experienced public speaker, energy enthusiast, and a true believer of the Energy Transition. As change is fundamentally based on the willingness of individuals to move towards the unknown, and engage in a global dialogue to increase impact, creating the energy industry’s future is her ambition.In her free time, she enjoys deep diving into geopolitical subjects, learning to bake, and challenging herself in the freedom of running.

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