Guido Massimo Dell’Omo

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Guido Massimo Dell'Omo

Political Analyst, Eni

One of Mr Dell'Omo most formative working experiences was when he went in India as a trainee for the Italian embassy. Working in Washington DC in the Government Affairs office has been an incredible opportunity to understand US Capitol's dynamics. Mr Dell'Omo published on the italian online newspaper "Il" covering energy-related issues. When Mr Dell'Omo was 18 years old he discovered the story of Enrico Mattei and ever since his dream was to work with Eni.

While he was writing his master's degree thesis "The natural gas revolution: how the end of the oil era is affecting geopolitical equilibria" he began his traineeship in Snam, where he worked in the International relations office. After 6 months in Snam he entered in Eni where he is still working. In the meantime, he is the Vice President of the Guido Carli Foundation, which evey year award those who are considered the italian excellence. Guido's dream is to contribute to the energy transition as it represent one of the most challenging and therefore attractive sector in which a young can undertake a carrier. It is crucial, in his thought, to think in parallel about energy justice: equal access to energy is one of the backbone's compontents of a just transition.

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