Hasmik Barseghyan

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Hasmik Barseghyan

Renewable Energy Project Coordinator

Women in Climate and Energy (WiCE)

Hasmik Barseghyan is a professional in solar energy and environmental management fields, with seven years of working experience in project management in different sectors (from economic diplomacy to solar energy and water), with bilateral thinking, strong communication and leadership skills. She has specific interest in policies and regulations in energy and environmental sectors.   Hasmik holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nantes, France. She has been fellow of US State Department PFP exchange program at the Oregon State Capitol (2018) contributing to the work of environmental and renewable energy committees. Then, she has been post-graduate fellow in Environmental management at TU-Dresden in Germany, where she did comparative research-study on policy making in solar energy.  In Armenia, Hasmik has planned and implemented a number of solar projects aiming to community development. Since joining WiCE, she is coordinating projects related to solar energy and energy efficiency, participates in legislative review and research, as well as she is leading the elaboration of educational materials.   Hasmik is active in professional networks worldwide. She is a role model in the European Network of Women for Innovative Energy Solutions. Since 2019, she is president of the European Youth Parliament for Water.

Women in Climate and Energy (WiCE) is a non-profit organisation that aims to advance sustainable development by empowering women in the climate and energy sectors. It brings together more than  90 women professionals. WiCE advocates for sustainable living and transformation to 100% renewable energy through networking, trainings, capacity building, awareness raising and mentoring to cultivate community and accelerate progress toward a sustainable future. WiCE seeks to promote gender-sensitive action around the energy transition in the country and the world. WiCE activities also include legislative review and analysis, research in the field of energy and climate change, implementation of SDG compliant projects and supportfor  climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes in Armenia and beyond.

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