Minxi Fu

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Minxi Fu

Engineer Student

Tera Energies

Minxi has a strong technical acumen on the energy efficiency and renewable energy part. She occupied on the establishment of technical model and data visualization for commercial proposal meanwhile exploiting problem-solving methods by developing tools or communicating with various resources.

Tera believes that making a transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy is the challenge of our time. Success requires decisive action by every organization, especially those responsible for buildings, cities and utilities. To make sure this change comes quickly and powerfully, Tera has created a digital energy platform that harnesses AI, IoT and virtual-twin technology. In addition, by offering to invest on our clients' behalf in energy efficiency solutions and on-site renewable electricity generation equipment, Tera contributes to transition into years of low-carbon, high-efficiency operation, while preserving its customers’ peace of mind.

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