Pablo Campos

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Pablo Campos

Projects Control Manager, Fontus Prime Solar

Pablo currently works leading the projects control for the construction of small-scale PV, adding up to 200 MWp. After graduating from Mechanical Engineering, he pursued an MSc in Energy and Sustainability from Northwestern University, where he studied the integration of sustainable energy systems in urban settings. He completed his thesis work on EPFL, where he studied the influence of uncertainty on a cost-effective energy matrix. Later on, he joined the projects control for the construction of Alto Maipo, a 532 MW run of river hydroelectric projects, where he developed integrated cost forecast scenarios and schedule risk modelling used by senior management for steering a highly complex project. On the Engie Group, Pablo led consultancy projects for mining companies, governments and multilateral cooperation (UN Environment) in both renewable and district energy. In his current capacity as Projects Control Manager, Pablo has also been tasked with initiating new potential investments, including battery storage technology and green hydrogen.

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