Randolph Brazier

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Randolph Brazier

Head of Innovation & Developme

Energy Networks Association

I am Head of Innovation & Development at the Energy Networks Association, and I deliver a broad range of strategic and policy initiatives, including the development of smart grids, facilitation of new markets and the roll-out of low carbon technologies. I believe people are key to achieving the net zero carbon emissions transition, and hence I engage with the EU, UK Government, Regulators and energy industry stakeholders to highlight the need for innovation and a co-ordinated approach. Previously I worked in in the design and management of multi-disciplinary projects in the power and renewables sectors in the UK, Europe and Australia. I have an M.Phil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge, and I am a regular presenter and panellist at a wide range of innovation and low carbon events and conferences.

Energy Networks Association (ENA) represents the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland. Our members control and maintain the critical national infrastructure that delivers these vital services into our homes and businesses.  ENA's overriding goals are to promote the UK and Ireland energy networks ensuring our networks are the safest, most reliable, most efficient and sustainable in the world. We influence decision-makers on issues that are important to our members. These include:  • Regulation and the wider representation in UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.  • Cost-efficient engineering services and related businesses for the benefit of members.  • Safety, health and environment across the gas and electricity industries.  • The development and deployment of smart technology.  As the voice of the energy networks sector ENA acts as a strategic focus and channel of communication for the industry. We promote the interests and good standing of the industry, and provide a forum of discussion among company members.

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