Slovenia Member Committee

Slovenski nacionalni komite Svetovnega energetskega sveta

The Slovenia National Committee aims to promote sustainable energy development in Slovenia, as a part of the WEC’s energy vision. As a member of the WEC network, the organisation is committed to representing the Slovenian perspective within national, regional and global energy debates. The committee includes a variety of members to ensure that the diverse energy interests of Slovenia are appropriately represented. Members of the committee are invited to attend high-level events, participate in energy-focused study groups, contribute to technical research and be a part of the global energy dialogue.

Chair: Ivan Šmon

Ivan Šmon won a PhD degree at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and MSc degree at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics in 2006 and 2016, respectively. In 2015 he also finished the Master’s degree of Business Administration program at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana.
After receiving a PhD, from 2006–2010, Ivan Šmon was employed at the Slovenian Ministry of the Economy as the Undersecretary, where he was creating legal framework for Slovenian energy supply system and he also represented interests of Slovenia internationally. In 2010 he joined SODO – Slovenian electricity DSO, where he stayed for three years. He was responsible for operation of the company’s technical department. Since May 2013, Ivan Šmon has been with Elektro Gorenjska – the distributor of electricity. Currently is CEO of that company.
Ivan Šmon is president of National Member Committee of WEC, vice president of the Slovenian Eurelectric section and member of the Eurelectric Board of Directors. He is also representative of Slovenia in CIGRE Study Committee C6 (Distribution systems and distributed generation).