FEL-100 events

The World Energy Council’s FEL-100 events bring together the most outstanding young energy professionals from all over the world

World Energy Congress

Running since 1924, the triennial World Energy Congress has been the Council’s global flagship event that enables dialogue to take place between ministers, CEOs, industry experts and young leaders on critical developments in the energy sector. With an integrated programme aimed specifically for future leaders, this premier energy gathering offers a unique opportunity to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. The 23rd World Energy Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.

Future Energy Leaders Congress 2016

In 2016, the Council’s community of Future Energy Leaders participated in the FEL Congress and engaged in the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.

During the Congress, the FELs attended a series of expert roundtables and panel discussions – sessions designed specifically for young leaders. They were assigned to specific working groups in which they explored some of the most pressing issues on the global agenda. At the FEL Congress 2016, topics included the future of hydrocarbons, actions post COP 21, smart innovations and developing energy talents.

During the closing ceremony of the 23rd World Energy Congress, the FELs revealed their vision for the future with global energy leaders.

Read the Future Energy Leaders’ declarations :

Future Energy Leaders’ Summits

Co-hosted by the local country’s minister of energy, this annual summit provides a platform for young leaders to explore critical issues in the energy agenda, providing a unique platform to develop global insight. High-level speakers and panellists include policymakers, industry leaders and carefully selected energy experts. The next FEL Summit will be held in Lisbon, Portugal in October 2017.

Regional events

The Council’s annual flagship regional events, including the African Energy Indaba, the Eastern European FOREN and the Asian Clean Energy Summit provide a unique platform for Future Energy Leaders to focus on regional priorities, projects and solutions.